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19 Years of Experience

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My Credentials:

Hello, my name is Sofia. I have a MA in Clinical and Forensic Psychology and have been working as a Psychologist since 2005. I’m also a Hypnotherapist, Sound Therapist and a specialized Yoga and Breathwork teacher.

My Approach:

I want to share with you my favorite quote from Theodore Roszak that represents an important principle of my work: “You and I… We meet as strangers, each carrying a mystery within us. I cannot say who you are; I may never know you completely. But I trust that you are a person in your own right, possessed of a beauty and value that are the Earth’s richest treasures. So I make this promise to you: I will impose no identities upon you, but will invite you to become yourself without shame or fear. I will hold open a space for you in the world and defend your right to fill it with an authentic vocation. For as long as your search takes, you have my loyalty.”

My approach combines many different therapeutic tools and it is bespoke for each person as we all are unique beings with a unique life experience.

About Me:

I have worked in many hospitals, schools and private clinics until I decided that I wanted to work from home and have the freedom to choose where to live. For that reason I have been an expat myself, living and working in different places (mostly in the UK and Spain), and most of my clients are also expats.

I graduated in Psychology at Porto University (in Portugal), then I did my Masters in Salamanca (Spain). In the UK I learned about Ecopsychology and had the most amazing work experiences in nature. Up to this day I still go to natural, beautiful places as a therapeutic setting for my in person sessions.
Sound and frequencies are often used as part of my work approach as well as breathing techniques. I personally practice meditation and explore the bond between the human psyche and the living planet that nurture us and all of life into existence.

I’m specialized in life transitions, trauma, depression and general anxiety, grieve, personality disorders and neurodiversity.


I am a dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled and well motivated psychologist. Years of dedicated work allowed me to have a greater depth in understanding the different dimensions of being human. I have a deep connection with nature, sound and music which in my experience have a way of changing perceptions. Possessing over 19 years of significant and progressive experience working in the mental health sector, with both children, adolescents and adults and working as part of a multidisciplinary team, I offer my services in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

I have been working with people from all over the world and that has been a very enriching experience that allowed me to understand the specific challenges of living and working in different countries.

At the moment I’m based in Southern Portugal (Algarve) and available for online and in person sessions.

June 2024
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Accrediting Body

Ordem Dos Psicologos (Portugal)



Types of Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Couple Therapy
Expat Therapy
Family Therapy
Integrative Therapy
Humanistic Psychotherapy
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
Online Therapy
Person-Centred Therapy
Teen Therapy

Therapy Issues

Behavioural Problems (Children)
Chronic Pain
Culture Shock
Eating Disorders
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Health Anxiety
Identity Problems
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder
Personality Disorders
Physical Health Issues
Relationship Problems
Separation Anxiety
Social Anxiety
Trauma (PTSD)
Work-Related Stress

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Couple (both 18 or over)
Family (at least 1 child under 18)
Older Adult (65 or over)
Teenager (13-17)

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