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7 Years of Experience

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My Credentials:

It is my passion to support those who want to improve the quality of their mental health and wellbeing. With extensive intercultural experience working with expats from all over the world, I offer psychotherapy from my online practice. In therapy, I create therapeutic relationships to promote understanding and playfulness that lead to change and growth. My approach to psychotherapy is particularly effective with relationships issues, anxieties, mood swings, and low self-esteem. I am a member of the Austrian Association for Group Therapy and Group Dynamic.

I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our psychological well-being, and the first relationship that we need to cultivate is with ourselves. I use methods from several psychodynamic therapies such as deep psychology, interpretation of dreams, EMDR, Mindfulness, and interpersonal approaches with the aim to identify the strengths, values and sense of self that will enable you to move through life with a sense of freedom and purpose.

I studied psychotherapy at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and I have experience working with patients in Rehabilitation clinics and in private practice. In recent years, I have worked mostly with expats who were seeking support while living abroad.

My Approach:

Essentially, I provide my clients a safe realm where they can discover who they are. The process of integrating different aspects of the self can be challenging. Other than safety and trust, it also requires a general approach of curiosity and openness. Many of my clients see the therapy in the end as the most rewarding experience in their life.

Embodiment plays an important role in my work. The body is our anchor to self-relatedness and the mind learns to use the body to regulate its mental and emotional states. This skill is useful for example for clients who tend to overthink; it promotes self-knowledge and self-acceptance which are prerequisites to accept others and feel comfortable in intimate relationships.

With me, you will be able to explore your inner world in a safe, confidential setting, while finding creative ways to use your resources effectively, and to develop new ones, as needed. I’m very passionate about my work as a psychotherapist and I strive to provide a life-changing experience. We’ll discuss where you want to be in the future and we’ll make sure that you are finally able to set yourself on a path that will get you there. Although therapy can be challenging for both therapist and client, I have experienced first-hand the extraordinary benefits it can bring to our present and future lives. I am certain that you deserve to feel great about yourself and with the right support, you will be able to build a future that will make you happy and proud.

About Me:

Other than my passion for psychotherapy, I enjoy the freedom provided by working from an online practice to travel and spend time with family and friends. I also love reading, meditating, skiing in winter or just going for a run.


I am an English-speaking therapist in Vienna, Austria specialised in working with adults and older adults.
June 2023
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Accrediting Body

Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege und Konsumentenschutz (Austria)



Types of Therapy

Attachment Based Therapy
Expat Therapy
Online Therapy
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Therapy Issues

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Identity Problems
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Panic Disorder
Relationship Problems
Sleep Disorders

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Older Adult (65 or over)

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