Julia de Souza Queiroz Phd


7 Years of Experience

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My Credentials:

I am a Psychologist and Neuroscientist whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of how trauma, on one side, and practices of emotional growth and self-development on the other, can affect the functioning of our brain and body. I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist for 7 years, in Brazil and, since last year, also in Europe. My specializations are: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy®, Somatic experiencing®, Psychosomatics, and Pathwork for Self-Transformation®. In my academic career, which walked alongside with clinical practice, I studied the effects of stress and of developmental trauma on the brain and the body, the association with diseases later in life, and how to brake this connection. During my Postdoctorate, in France, I was also a Professor of Neurosciences and Psychology at the University of Bordeaux and the University of Toulouse. My areas of specialty are Anxiety disorders; Depression; Insomnia; Panic attacks; Hypervigilance; Developmental trauma; Traumatic experiences; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Eating disorders; Workplace stress/burnout; Chronic pain; Low physical energy; Lack of purpose in life; Self-development. I am currently based in Portugal and I have licences in Brazil and Europe-wide (CRP, OPP and EUROPSY).

My Approach:

In my perspective, the brain and the body co-participate in the restoration of health. Therefore, I use top-down (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT® and Pathwork®) and bottom-up (Psychosomatics and Somatic Experiencing, SE®) approaches to orient you, in a constructive and gentle way, to deal with your blocked feelings, dysfunctional beliefs, negative emotions, destructive attitudes, procrastination, and trauma. ACT® offers tools to help you to feel your pain and to recognize the strategies you have built to run away from it, what brings self-awareness and a more present way of living. SE® is designed to overcome the negative effects of trauma by reconnecting you with our body, feelings, and emotions. Pathwork® is a path for personal transformation where personal psychological work is a first step, and the second step is spiritual awakening. These approaches are used accordingly for each patient’s demand. This journey can gradually lead you to constructively question your distorted beliefs and it guides you to feel “all” your feelings, including emotional pain, instead of using the mechanisms created to run away from it (and that end up causing more pain). Little by little, and organically, this leads to integration of your parts that were being “ignored” and suppressed, and you can start functioning from the core of your being, to connect to your inner wisdom and to access your highest potential.

About Me:

What makes my heart the happiest is to observe in myself, and to observe in my patients, that we are capable to transform our external environment as a consequence of the transformation of our internal environment. By gradually transforming suffering into happiness/love/joy/abundance we can receive all that life has to offer to us. I give, through my profession the best of me, and I receive from it, the best of life. Outside my work I spend most time in nature, sports, travelling, and with my loved ones.


I am a European-certified Psychologist specialized in trauma and self-development.

July 2024
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Accrediting Body

Ordem Dos Psicologos (Portugal)



Types of Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Online Therapy
Person-Centred Therapy

Therapy Issues

Chronic Pain
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Health Anxiety
Identity Problems
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder
Sleep Disorders
Social Anxiety
Trauma (PTSD)
Work-Related Stress

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Older Adult (65 or over)

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Rua Instituto Conde de Agrolongo 46, 2770-215, Paço de Arcos, PORTUGAL



From my very first session with Julia, it became clear that I was in the presence of a profoundly skilled and compassionate professional. Her approach to therapy is nothing short of transformative. Through her guidance, I have navigated through layers of pain, uncovering and reshaping dysfunctional beliefs that are holding me back. Julia possesses a unique talent for creating a space that feels both safe and empowering. Each session with her leads to significant breakthroughs, providing clarity and insight that I had struggled to find elsewhere. Her ability to listen deeply and empathize is unmatched, making every interaction a profound experience. One of the most remarkable aspects of Julia's therapy is her skill in equipping me with tools which have been invaluable in helping me manage my emotions and understand their underlying causes. The journey has been/is challenging, yet Julia’s unwavering support and guidance make it a deeply rewarding one. The changes in my life since starting therapy with Julia are profound and visible. I find myself more resilient, more understanding of my emotions and others, and I'm working on equipping myself with healthier beliefs and coping mechanisms thanks to Julia's help. For anyone seeking a psychologist who can truly make a difference, I cannot recommend Julia highly enough. Her blend of professional skill, empathy, and genuine care for her clients sets her apart as a truly exceptional psychotherapist.



As someone who once held a staunch belief that therapy was an unnecessary luxury, I am writing this review as an absolute testament to the transformative power of Julia, my psychotherapist. Her unwavering support, insightful guidance, and genuine care have propelled me on a journey of personal growth that has profoundly impacted my life in both tangible and intangible ways. Initially, I approached therapy with skepticism and apprehension, harboring a preconceived notion that it was a mere "talking cure" devoid of real-world impact. However, from our very first session, Julia dispelled these doubts and instilled in me a newfound belief in the potential for therapy to revolutionize my life. Julia's empathetic approach and unwavering focus on understanding my unique perspective created a safe and secure space where I could explore my deepest thoughts, fears, and insecurities without judgment. She possesses an uncanny ability to connect with her clients on a profound level, drawing out insights and patterns that I had never recognized before. Through her guidance, I began to unravel the intricate tapestry of my emotions and behaviors, gaining a clearer understanding of the underlying causes that had been holding me back. She equipped me with a range of practical tools and techniques, including mindfulness exercises, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and stress management strategies, empowering me to take control of my mental well-being and navigate life's challenges with greater resilience. As our sessions progressed, I noticed a remarkable shift in my mindset. Negative self-talk diminished, replaced by a newfound sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion. I became more attuned to my emotions, recognizing them as valid signals rather than debilitating obstacles. This newfound awareness has enabled me to make informed choices that align with my values and aspirations. Moreover, the positive impact of therapy has extended far beyond the confines of my sessions. My interactions with others have improved, marked by increased empathy, patience, and understanding. I approach challenges with a more balanced perspective, recognizing that setbacks are opportunities for growth and learning. Most significantly, I have developed a deep commitment to personal growth and continuous healing. Therapy has opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities within myself, empowering me to pursue my dreams with newfound confidence and resilience. I am eternally grateful to Julia for her unwavering support and guidance, for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself. If you are hesitant about seeking therapy, let me assure you that Julia is an exceptional practitioner who will transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Her expertise, empathy, and genuine care are unparalleled, and her methods are rooted in evidence-based practices that will equip you with the tools to thrive in all aspects of your life. Thank you sooooooo much!!! Patrick