Johanna Jiménez Cortorreal BSc, MSc


6 Years of Experience

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My Credentials:

I am an experienced psychologist with 6+ years of experience with a Master’s degree in Psychosocial intervention and a minor in Health Psychology. I have been collaborating with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) Spain since 2015 as a psychologist volunteer of the Psychosocial Unit, giving support to international Staff returning from field missions. In 2018 I was selected by MSF for a mission to South Sudan to provide individual and group support for the national and international staff, training them in Secondary trauma and self-care. With a group of colleagues, we designed a psychosocial intervention for families in risk of eviction from their homes. Working psychological aspects as consequences of poverty such as; guilt, low self-esteem, fear, shame, depression, uncertainty, etc.

In the beginning of 2020, I had the opportunity to work in Iraq-Kurdistan as a psychotherapist in a Trauma Project giving mental health and psychosocial support services to the Yezidi community living in the IDP camp of Khanke and Shariya. After working with survivors, mostly cases with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I started training in the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychological treatment.

My areas of specialty include staff support, PTSD, stress management, anger, anxiety, grief, traumatic grief, and self-care. I am also passionate about working with migrants; understanding the difficulties that may come with the process of adaptation (sociocultural and psychological) whilst living in a new context.

I am registered in the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia, and in the Spanish EMDR Association.

My Approach:

My approach as a psychologist is towards a society living a life with well-balanced psychological wellbeing. A life away from fears, high levels of anxiety and stress, going through your life with the sadness of a lost, or the anger and pain after going through a traumatic or stressful situation. Working through life’s problems and trauma can be challenging, the good news it, you don’t need to go through this alone. Our aim in therapy will be to develop techniques and utilise resources that will help you with the challenges that comes with therapy and your current life challenges.

I work with the integrative psychological treatment Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. In EMDR therapy we focus our work on the past experiences that are influencing the current problems; and, we incorporate new abilities, perspectives, resources needed to build a better and healthy future. Hopefully these positive changes will benefit in different area of your life.

The session will be online, which in the current situation have been proved to be effective and we are doing or best to provide a safe and secure place for working together to achieve your therapeutic goals.

About Me:

Apart from work, I dedicate my time on enhancing my psychological knowledge through study and exams. I am very passionate and curious and enjoy learning new things (about psychology, different cultures, nutrition, cooking recipes, etc). I love to spend time with my family and friends, appreciate good conversations and doing activities together. My favourite activity is cooking and learning international and plant-based recipes to enjoy with others.

In the last two years I started to do exercise routine at home, I have never been fan of gyms, and I am enjoying this very much. I believe I am a very determined person, keeping this routine has help me to have more energy for the day and been more focused.


I am an English-speaking therapist in Burjassot, Spain specialised in working with adults and older adults.

June 2024
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Accrediting Body

Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos (Spain)



Types of Therapy

Integrative Therapy
Online Therapy
Person-Centred Therapy

Therapy Issues

Culture Shock
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Panic Disorder
Sleep Disorders
Trauma (PTSD)
Work-Related Stress

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Older Adult (65 or over)

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