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My Credentials:

I am a Psychotherapist trained in the system of NDI (Non directive, Intervenient), a system created by Michel Lobrot, who was trained in the Rogerian approach. That system supports and helps the person to develop self-awareness and empathy as he/she understands more his/her emotions, the inner procedure and the outcome of his/her actions.  I have been working privately since 2004,  mostly in one-to-one sessions, on issues that concern the emotional and spiritual growth of a person, but also I have worked with depressed and emotionally abused persons. As relationships dominate our lives, I also did training in relationship counseling and also in grief and bereavement. My background is yoga and meditation, where I’ve been trained in India on classical traditional yoga. I have been in the alternative field since 1992, and as I experienced the benefits of a relaxed mind, I believe in a more holistic approach. Therefore, sometimes, I expand the talkative experience by using sometimes such alternative techniques, as a relaxed mind and can give a different perspective on life.

My Approach:

My aim is to assist you on a safe and confidential ground, so you can find the core of your problem as you develop more self-awareness. Following your lead, we will work together to find the quickest and most effective path for you. The benefit of sessions with me can increase clarity, boost confidence and give you stable footing to help you understand yourself better.  I am passionate about my job, and although there could be some difficult moments, the outcome will be really rewarding. Recognizing your present moment in life will help us shape your future by putting solid foundations. The relationship between the therapist and the client is unique, and the results will be beneficial.

Psychotherapy is also called talk therapy because, by shaping emotions and feelings through words, we shape our own lives. Listening to our story from our own mouth is essential to understanding the origin of our thoughts, and how these thoughts are shaping our experiences and actions. We become the stories we tell ourselves.

About me:

My personal journey started quite early in life, when I uncovered my fears and the external hurdles that made me seek for help. My therapist was a very inspired woman – Christina, who helped me shape these fears and conquer them. This personal and powerful experience inspired me to take the training and help others.

I like to spend my free time in nature, going on long walks in the woods and at the beach. I like walking with my dog, especially when the weather is fresh. I love art and I do sketch a lot. All these activities give me energy and help me empty my mind.


I am a Greek and English-speaking Psychotherapist with 20 years of experience, and I have also been a counselor since the beginning of 2023. I work online with flexible scheduling for adults only. It would be my pleasure to assist you on your personal journey.

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Accrediting Body

Σύλλογος Ελλήνων Ψυχολόγων (Greece)



Types of Therapy

Person-Centred Therapy

Therapy Issues

Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Relationship Problems
Sexual Problems

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Older Adult (65 or over)

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