Daniel Fryer BA (Hons), MSC


19 Years of Experience

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My Credentials:

I am a mental health and wellbeing consultant, coach, and counsellor, using rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), clinical hypnotherapy and elements of positive psychology to help people overcome their personal and professional blocs and challenges, achieve their goals, and lead happier and more productive lives. I have an MSc in rational emotive and cognitive behaviour therapy, diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and certificates in clinical hypnosis and positive psychology. I have nearly 20 years’ experience in private practice, both online and face-to-face. I’ve also worked in the NHS, private healthcare, occupational health, and for the Priory Hospital. I deliver workshops, webinars, and live presentations on many aspects of mental health and wellbeing to a variety of companies and corporate sectors.I am accredited with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS), the National Hypnotherapy Society, the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH).

My Approach:

REBT, hypnotherapy and positive psychology are goal-directed, and solution focussed therapies that work very well together. I am as active a participant in the process as you are. I look at where you are, and what you want to achieve and outline how to get you from one to the other. REBT is a form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) that is an excellent form of therapy, and a great coaching tool. It’s also considered to be a school of thought, or philosophy for everyday life. The REBT take on things is that it is not the events in life that disturb you, but what you tell yourself about those events that does the disturbing. It doesn’t matter if those events are in the past, the present, or the future; when you change your interpretation, you change the outcome. My areas of expertise include stress (in all its forms), anxiety disorders, anger-management, and self-esteem and confidence issues, as well as in pain control. I work in both a coaching and counselling capacity. If you need coping strategies, I have them. If you need a safe space to offload and regroup, I can provide it, if you need tools to help you deal with your work stress, life stress, confidence, wellbeing, and resilience, then I’ve got those too. I’ve helped many people and businesses become more fulfilled, happier, and more productive.

About Me:

A former journalist, I am the author of How to Cope with Almost Anything with Hypnotherapy (Bloomsbury) and The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up . . . and how to fix them (Penguin Random House). I write regularly on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. I also write poetry. I recently relocated to France and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to do so. When I’m not working, you’ll find me walking in a forest or along a beach with my dog.

If you would like to know more, feel free to visit my website at www.danielfryer.com or contact me directly; please note, I currently work in an online-only capacity.


I am an English-speaking mental health and wellbeing consultant, coach, and counsellor with 19 years of experience, working with adults via online sessions only.

June 2024
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Accrediting Body

Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH)



Types of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Expat Therapy
Online Therapy

Therapy Issues

Binge Drinking
Chronic Pain
Culture Shock
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Health Anxiety
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder
Relationship Problems
Separation Anxiety
Sexual Problems
Sleep Disorders
Social Anxiety
Work-Related Stress

Client Types

Adult (18 or over)
Older Adult (65 or over)

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