The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist

Moving abroad is an exciting experience which many people dream of. It can be in the form of a new career or an opportunity. To make sure that your journey is smooth, you need to make a checklist of all the things that matter most. This checklist will provide you the step by step plan, to make your transition abroad as hassle-free as humanly possible.

1. Get Your Documents Sorted

 When you are moving abroad, the most important thing that you will need is your documents. Rather it is the first of all the transition steps. Getting them sorted means that you will save up on your valuable time, as you will have all of them in place.

 Keep them secured under the following categories; the adoption papers, birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, driving licenses, passports, social security cards, medical and dental records, school/ university papers and certificates, insurance policies and other legal documents, and financial records.

2. Don’t Forget Your Pet

If you are intending to move your pet with you overseas, check that you have all the necessary documents sorted.  Make sure that your pets are ready for the big move as you want them to get cleared for the travel without any hindrance.  To get their travel sorted, your destination should accept pets. You will need to verify their travel documents.

Many countries like Australia and New Zealand do not allow certain pet imports.  Also, some countries require pet immunizations and clearance within a fixed time frame to allow them in their country. Get their immunization records ready. You will need to have multiple copies of their shot history as well. Your vet can provide you a detailed international health certificate.

Get a pet carrier to transport your furry mate. Every airline has different pet carrier requirements, so check if your carrier complies with their standards. Also, your preferred pet carrier should be IATA approved to avoid any last-minute delays.

3. Thoroughly Research International Movers

When you are planning to move abroad, it is very important to research professional moving companies that have experience in this process. Every country has its regulations in this regard because their tenancy laws are different.

Before you commit, make sure to know all the laws. Compare three or more international moving companies, checking what materials they use and services they offer. Always check their license, as a reputable company will never shy from showing one.

Find out who will move your belongings because some companies have a poor record of theft. If you need to store your belongings, ask your movers if they provide the facility and what they charge for it. After proper research, select an international moving company that meets your needs and do this at least four months before your moving date because moving companies get booked very soon especially during high season months.

4. Who Should You Notify?

Before you make the big move, make sure that you notify the important organizations and people of your transition abroad. The most common ones to consider are; the postal services, your bank, your embassy, the utility companies (gas, electricity, telephone, water), social security office, tax agencies, your insurance company, your current employer, your friends/ family, and your landlord or real estate dealer. You need to notify them about your departure, so there aren’t any mishaps when you are away.

5. Contact Your International Movers Again

The international movers you hired are your official moving coordinators. They are the ones who are going to assist you in making the transition super easy. Before your big move, contact them again, and take care of the following important steps.

Review your appointment with them, and see if any details are left unanswered. Don’t forget to verify the contract, as minor details often get overlooked. Recheck the name of the company, and the contracted movers whose services will be used. Be sure that all your necessary documents are verified and received.

6.  Do These Things One Month Before Your Departure

With just thirty days before your final date, these are the things that you need to look into, as these cannot be overlooked.

  • Cancel all your subscriptions, and cable services and that you no longer want to use.
  • Cancel the insurance policies that won’t apply abroad because you don’t want to pay for services that won’t serve you.
  • Update relevant companies about your new mailing address.
  • Address any financial risks by signing up with a local bank in your new country. Better still check if your bank has a branch there, as it’d be feasible for transferring funds initially.
  • Get your medical and dental check-up done. Get your medicines in bulk, so you won’t have to search for them right after your flight lands.
  • Get all medical records, transferred on both hard and soft copies for record-keeping sake.
  • Sort through your personal belongings, keep what you want and donate or sell the rest. There is no point in keeping stock of things that won’t see the sun for months to come.
  • If possible, arrange a trip to your new destination. Check the neighborhood, and visit your new office and your children’s school to get an idea about the area and its commute.

7. Make Last-Minute Arrangements One Week Before You Leave

With just seven days left to your departure, some important tasks will need to be addressed.

  • Get your cash. Withdraw your funds, or get a traveler’s cheque so you don’t have to worry about money once you have landed abroad.
  • Contact your credit card company as well, because if you plan to use debit cards, you will need to get your purchases authorized.
  • Confirm your flight, the departure time, and luggage restrictions. To avoid any last, minute surprises, keep checking these three things till the last day.
  • Call your international movers, and arrange a meeting with them.
  • Address any incomplete tasks, because you just have less than seven days to get them done. Start packing your luggage.
  • Separate the clothes and shoes you will wear for the flight, and arrange the rest in a color-coded system.

Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the last few days with your friends and family.

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