Making Friends Abroad: 10 Tips on Networking as an Expat

Making Friends Abroad 10 Tips on Networking as an Expat

There are plenty of ups and downs when you move to a new country. You can build a network of support which is the best way to seek out the challenges of Expat life. It is hard to try to find new people and build personal relationships with them. Therefore, here, we have compiled 10 important tips on networking as an Expat and how you can make friends abroad. Let’s discuss them in detail.

 1. Find out a local job

Working in a local job is one way to find out and meet with new people. You can work alongside with the community by having a good job. A local job gives you an opportunity to have a better understanding of your coworkers as well as with your clientele to make them friends.

But, you have the option to choose a side as a barkeeper if you do not like a quiet environment and prefer crazy and loud surroundings. If you want to give your services to the local community, NGOs are the better option. Besides, without a work visa, you can legally join a volunteer program in certain countries. In short, you get a deeper appreciation and an amazing opportunity to have strong bonds with natives on a daily basis.

2. Sign up for language lessons

As an Expat, you need to enroll in language lessons for so many reasons. Learning local languages makes you feel like you are also a part of that local culture as it opens up a lot of opportunities in a new country. You will observe in a very short time that learning the local languages is an amazing way to meet other Expats and with other foreigners. Once you get settled in a new country, look for the language classes in your home area.

3. Participate in language exchange events

Seek out the language exchange opportunities if you know their local languages. In these events, the contributors usually meet to exchange their languages. It’s an amazing and safest way to meet and connect with new people. There’s no barrier to participate in these events which is the best thing about it.

4. Live with people

There is a tendency that you just interact with a small number of people when some people go abroad. There’s lies a wish to control every little interaction as living in abroad is overwhelming and intimidating.

But, unfortunately, it’s impossible to control everything.

You will find out some interaction while living with other people and you do not turn into a recluse who only talk to a limited number of people in a week. Living in hostels is one of the best ways to live with other people. Hostel friends turn into close friends in a short span. Finding a house with roommates, Couchsurfing and homestays are also the best options to live with people.

5. Use apps to meet people

When living abroad, apps are the most suitable resources for meeting people. Apps helps you to meet with the foreigners as well as locals when you go outside and it ease the relationships in a normal and natural way. Tinder is an amazing way to meet people in a new country. Most of the people have the perception that this app is only for hooking up and dating. Instead, many locals and foreigners used this app with the intention of finding friends. Similarly, if you want to have a partner to travel with you, you can choose the Backpackr app. This app helps you to find out the other travelers who have the same destination and you can connect with them to explore things in a new country.

6. Use social media

The most useful feature of the internet to connect with new people all over the world is the social media. You can find amazing inbuilt ways on social media to interact with new people. For example, Facebook and Instagram have certain kind of groups for individual cities that offers you to find new people there. Group members always post relevant information in Facebook groups such as social meetups, work opportunities, visas or housing rentals etc. Reddit is another amazing way to make new friends as you just need to go to Subreddit and let the people know that you want to meet them. In the same way, Linkedin is also a well-known resource to connect with the working professionals in a specific area. But, keep in mind to stay proactive and vocal when you meet online from these platforms.

7. Do not say No to anything Social

For certain personality types, always saying yes to anything social can be really tough. No doubt that self-care should be your priority, therefore, if want to relax, take care of yourself then do it first instead of saying yes to anything social. You can attend parties at the language schools or gyms. Use every opportunity of going out and interact with people, in this way you will let know the people better to make them close friends.

8. Find Expat groups

You can easily find Expat community in almost every country of the world. There’s surely one in a nearby city if you could not find an Expat community in a specific city near you. Expat groups allow you to meet new people all over the world as they are diversified. There are specific groups that have the responsibility to help Expacts interconnect with the foreigners or locals besides these groups on social media. These groups included Nomad list and InterNations.

9. Be open to new experiences

Try not to shy when you travel to new countries. There is a need to explore different aspects internationally as they can give you better results even if you are a naturally reserved person. You can hang out with the people you met at the hostel, attend social meetings, and talk out to different people with them. Do not limit yourself to certain people and things in your apartments, instead try to have as much social interaction as you can.

10. Join Sports Teams, Volunteer Organizations and Clubs

One of the easiest ways to make locals your friends is to find out them in places where they usually exist such as in sports leagues, clubs as well as in volunteer organizations. It is highly recommended to do some research and find out the local organizations. Pick a passion or volunteer task in case you do not like sports. You can overcome the language barriers easily as sports and clubs are a great way to meet people.

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