Living Abroad: The 5 Top Challenges of Expat Life

Living Abroad The 5 Top Challenges of Expat Life

Maybe you are considering changing countries, or you will be going abroad for some time due to work or study. Either way, leaving your country and settling in a new one can present us with some changes. These changes can be sometimes hard to deal with and cause problems to expats.

Knowing some common issues beforehand can help you prepare better and understand the pros and cons of moving abroad. Let’s take a look at some common problems faced by expats living abroad.

1.  Fitting in

You have been raised and educated according to the culture and traditions of your country. These practices and traditions have been ingrained into your personality. Now, you are moving away and placing yourself into an entirely new environment that has altogether different cultures of what you were used to.

This can create problems for you to fit in with the natives of that area. Your interests may not match, you won’t find similar faces or similar traditions in your new country as you did in your previous one. And you might have issues adapting to the entirely new form of lifestyle.

2.  Language Barriers

Writing and sometimes talking in a foreign language is acceptable, but having to speak in that language for a prolonged period and day-to-day basis can be challenging, especially if you are not proficient in that language.

This can create obstacles befriending local people, and it can also exhaust you due to the constant attention you have to pay to yourself when speaking. You might experience culture shock because of how differently everyone communicates.

3.  Loneliness

Having difficulty communicating and not being able to fit in can cause loneliness. You might find it challenging to make friends and talk. Some people can’t manage to cope with this and resort to staying home and become lonely.

Having switched countries, you can’t hang out with your friends and cannot resume your daily activities like you once did. This can cause loneliness and even sometimes, depression.

4.  Financial Problems

Moving to a new country can be an expensive decision. Finding a new home, being able to afford your bills, managing diet and resources can be a costly endeavour.

Furthermore, taxes and management can be a hassle if you are not well-acquainted with the customs of that country. You will have to take financial advice and plan your expenses properly.

5.  Finding an appropriate house

Moving abroad can mean you have to say goodbye to a comfortable home for some time. Moving to a new country and getting a house of your own instantly is almost impossible. You might have to live in apartment or suburban areas until you can manage a home for yourself.

People often share apartments to avoid costs. Depending on the place you live in, you might face problems with safety. This can create problems for people that are not used to living in harsh conditions.


Moving abroad can be an exciting new journey, but it has its fair share of challenges. Considering a few things before making this decision can help us devise a more appropriate approach so our time aboard can be more comfortable and productive.


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