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Working with Expat Therapy 4U means being part of something special

At Expat Therapy 4U we are passionate about delivering first-class client-centred, safe and effective care. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. If you would you like to be part of our caring, professional and inspiring environment we warmly invite you to apply.

About Expat Therapy 4U

Expat Therapy 4U is a free to join technology-driven private therapy platform that values intelligent, ethical, and clinically minded practice development.

Developed by a therapist for other therapists, we know exactly what working in the private sector entails, what is required to make a private practice run smoothly, and what you wish for your private practice.

We are also not just like any other advertising website for therapists. As a service, we set high standards for joining us. The clinicians we approve must share our values and commitment to provide high quality therapy services to the expatriate community in the private sector.

Finally, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional service to our clients. We offer a service guarantee where clients can re-book with a different therapist if they are not satisfied with their first therapy session.

Why Join Us?

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Help New Clients Connect With You

The platform is designed to help you boost your private practice by increasing the number of referrals you normally receive via other sources.

We invest in ongoing marketing, so we can provide you with a steady number of referrals, thus leaving you the time you need to focus on helping your clients to achieve their therapeutic goals.

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No Subscription Fee

We know first-hand how hard it can be to promote your private practice when you are not making a profit.

There are a lot of listing websites out there that charge a subscription fee regardless of the number of referrals they are able to provide. This is why our service is free to join for all – you only pay a commission when you receive a successful referral.

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Manage Your Practice On The Go

Our mission is to help expat therapists across Europe take their private practice to the next level.

We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service by optimising the workflow of your practice. Our platform simplifies all aspects of private practice management, thus leaving you the time you need to focus on your clients.

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Online Payments Booking System

The platform comes with a fully integrated booking calendar and recurring payment system.

This means that potential new clients can see your availability in real time, book and pay for an appointment directly online on the website. This ensures that all sessions are pre-paid, so there is no need to worry about late cancellations and no-show.

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Meet Our CEO & Founder


Dr Martina Paglia

CEO & Founder

Expat Therapy 4U is run by Dr Martina Paglia. Dr Martina is a leading dual qualified Clinical and Counselling psychologist who helps patients by providing bespoke psychological services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy in London.

She also runs The International Psychology Clinic, which is the first private therapy clinic based in Central London that provides multilingual and multicultural therapy to all. Dr Martina is on a mission to fight the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness through education and awareness.

What Our Therapists Say

I look forward to continuing the valuable experience!

I joined the International Psychology Clinic just over one year ago and my experience so far has been extremely positive. I found an exceptionally professional environment, which  supported me by providing efficient assistance and advice with administration issues and offered me many precious opportunities for supervision and training. I also greatly appreciated the exchange with other colleagues of the International Psychology Clinic all over Italy. The Clinic has also taken special care in promoting my professional profile through its specialized webpage. Despite the difficulty in meeting each other in person due to distance, Martina has created very enjoyable occasions to allow us to meet and exchange ideas and think about the future. Working with the International Psychology Clinic has given me the chance to feel part of an inspiring and motivated working group. 

Dr Paola Sabatini, Clinical Psychologist and CBT Therapist based in Rome

I am really happy that I joined the service!

It’s been a year since I started my collaboration with The International Psychology Clinic and I am very satisfied. They are very professional and supportive making my professional life easier.

Not only their organisation is spot on, but also I appreciate the spirit of the business which is clearly focussed on helping people. Either the therapist or the client, they will support you at their best capacity.

Dr Sara Parsi di Landrone, Clinical Psychologist and BST Psychotherapist based in London

A great service!

I found out about The International Psychology Clinic by chance whilst I was looking for a clinical placement as part of pre-registration psychology training. I am so lucky to have met Martina and all the other therapists at the clinic.
Overall, it’s been a great opportunity to develop my clinical skills whilst working within an international environment. I consider all this absolutely important, considering the growing necessity to work at a global level.
Piera Matarazzo, Trainee Psychologist and Counsellor based in Rome