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The majority of people don’t have perfect bodies and being a little fat or skinny is completely normal. Everyone is concerned about their looks and want to look their best. However, the problem arises when things are taken to an extreme. Anorexia is one such condition and it can have harmful effects on the quality of your life. So, let’s take a look at what Anorexia is and what you need to know about it.

What is Anorexia?

“Anorexia Nervosa” or simply pronounced as “Anorexia” is a psychological eating disorder in which a patient undergoes the loss of appetite and oftentimes has a fear of gaining extra weight but left with the result of being too skinny. “Anorexia” literally means “Loss of Hunger” but in reality, people stop eating which actually causes hunger and it is a potentially life-threatening disorder that comes out with severe hunger and weight loss.

People may have this illness at any age whenever they may come across with the fear of gaining weight and they restrict their eating to the point of hunger. It is diagnosed in a patient when he or she has 15% lesser than the weight or height as per he or she must have at that specific age. Although this disorder is highly hostile for health and can cause one being to live an unhealthy life, yet it can be treated and a patient can get recovered from it by taking proper psychotherapy.

How to find an Anorexia Therapist

If you are looking to find the perfect Anorexia therapist it is crucial to make sure that they have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience. At Expat Therapy 4U we only accept therapists who have full professional proficiency in English and are highly experienced in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. The clinicians we approve share our values and commitment to provide high quality therapy to the expatriate community in the private sector across Europe and online worldwide. We strongly believe that therapy changes lives, and being accredited ensures all our therapists are qualified to a high standard. You can find an Anorexia therapist who is insured to practice and accredited with a recognised membership body online here.

What are symptoms of Anorexia?

Any person suffering from Anorexia may show different physical and behavioral indications. Physical symptoms are related to hunger while the behavioral indications are usually associated with the emotions of a being which sometimes are complex to notice. Even if one doesn’t seem to have lost one’s weight, one’s psychological disordered symptoms may guide to help to recover one’s health.

Physical symptoms:

Physical symptoms of anorexia usually include:

  • Weight loss or not maintaining predictable weight.
  • Yellowish or thin skin
  • Hair fall or thin hair
  • Lethargy or faintness
  • Loss in the mass of muscles
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Swelling of arms and legs
  • Infertility
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipations
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Loss of menstruation

Behavioral symptoms:

Psychological signs of anorexia may include:

  • Believing that one is fat even being underweight
  • Taking pills to reduce hunger
  • Excessively doing exercises
  • Severely confining intaking meals through starving and fasting
  • Denial of hunger and making excusing for not eating
  • Not wanting to eat in public
  • Lying about having eaten already while staying hungry
  • Losing interest in sex
  • Covering up in clothes to show they have proper weight
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • The fright of gaining weight
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Depressed mood
  • Keeping self away from a family meal

What are the causes of Anorexia?

Anorexia may have many causes but the exact reason is unknown. It can possibly be caused by some biological, environmental, or psychological factors. Sometimes people start starvation to make their body “perfect” as they might have heard negative remarks about their physique.

Some of the sufferers may be facing this because of childhood traumas like childhood sexual abuse and severe traumas where they might be told not to eat much. Some actors, dancers, athletes, and players go on starvation to have a perfect body or they might have the heaviness of their colleagues to have a smart and sexy figure. Even the media sometimes forces others while showing thin people as ideal stereotypes.

Following are possible jeopardy factors which can be associated with causes of anorexia:

  • Biological: It is not yet confirmed that genetics and hormones are the reason for anorexia nervosa but still some changes in genes might cause anorexia at a high level in some people. Some beings might have their genetic interest towards shaping their body a flawless one so they undergo self-starvation to lose fats but it eventually causes thinness of their skin.
  • Psychological: Some people suffering from Anorexia may have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that forces them to strict their diet and not only stopping them eat sufficiently but also compels them to lose weight. They may have life-threatening urge to look extra Smart which becomes the reason for their being thin they never had been before. Also, they might have an extreme level of nervousness and participate in restraining to lessen eating.
  • Environmental: “Birds of a feather flock together” suits perfectly on some people who want their figure to be slim and smart just because a person from their cycle has a smart and sexy physique. People having physical and sexual abuse or being bullied can also be a patient of this disorder. A failure in any exam or tension of success can also cause starvation.
  • Conversions: Some individuals may face this because of the changes that happen in their life. Some children stop eating when their school is changed or when the shift to a new home and their friends-circle is changed. One might starve because of failure in a relationship or being stressed and depressed.

Best Recommended Treatments for Anorexia:

As soon as possible a victim is treated, he or she can be saved from worse conditions. This treatment may involve psychotherapy, medication, friend-n-family therapy, and nutrition counseling. The main aims of treatment are to bring the body back to the original weight, to perish sensitive issues, and to help patients start eating again normal diet.

Medical Treatment:

Although there are no exact medications for recovery, there are some dietary supplements that help a victim increasing one’s hunger and get positive results in gaining weight. Antidepressants can also help patients since one will have reduced depression and might start eating.


The near and dear ones are the best sources to overcome the patient suffering from anorexia. Since the patient needs love, care, and affection, so the dears of a patient are the best source to help him make his diet better again and let him help stop starving and losing weight. They can help the victim to make his lifestyle and health enjoyable by supporting mentally and telling him what should one eat for one’s betterment.


A patient suffering from having severe weight loss might be needed to be hospitalized for one’s better care and supervision. This might only be needed if someone is on insistent denial to eat so the helper there might keep an eye on him so he intakes meals to let the weight gain again.

Find an Anorexia Therapist through the Expat Therapy 4U platform

Being anorexic can be a challenging condition. However, it’s not rare either. Consulting a doctor and adopting a suitable strategy can help you get back on track and rise your physique to a healthy and desirable level.

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