Expat Guilt: 10 Tips on How to Cope With the Pressure of Living Abroad

Expat Guilt 10 Tips on How to Cope with Pressure of Living in Abroad

First of all, you have to understand what Expat guilt is? Expatriate is somebody who is living outside of his or her native country for any purpose. They are not the immigrants.  Are you an expatriate and feeling guilty for not being with your family? It is very normal to be sad and guilty sometimes because of leaving your loved ones behind, missing your mom’s love and care, your father’s way of inquiring, asking for every move, your younger sister’s or brother’s cute tricks, peaceful place of your room etc.

Don’t be sad because I am going to suggest some useful tips to cope with the pressure of being an expatriate.

Stay in touch:

Nobody could ever be strong enough to live alone and then not even missing them. The best way to cope with your killing though that making you feel guilty is to stay in touch with your loved ones. When you talk to your family and friends every day, you wouldn’t feel that you are in a new world where you do not know anyone. Guilt thoughts would not attack your brain. Psychologists believe that a person’s best motivational support is her/his family.

Focus on your aim:

Why we leave our home, country, and loved ones? Of course to achieve something that is not possible while living in your native place. If you are an expatriate and feeling guilty for not being with your family, just take a long breath and think about your aim of coming abroad. Do not let yourself go deep in the thoughts of guilt, keep your brain focused on the purpose for which you choose to go abroad.

When you move to a new place, among new people, it is definite that you will be uncomfortable for some time. But do not get annoyed, it is natural. The important thing is that how you handle that whole situation. Stay positive and try to absorb your vexation. Shortly, “Focus on Your Aim and not the People”.

Never miss any entertaining activity:

It is not good working for twenty hours, you should spare time to never miss any entertainment opportunity. To keep your mood fresh, take part in recreational activities like national holidays, weekend parties, traveling with friends, do adventurous things that make your soul happy. Enjoy yourself for being independent, in a new world, different place, among different people and culture. You will definitely miss your native culture, people, and events and came to realize the importance of all that moments you did not enjoy actually.

Keep yourself motivated:

Although you are away from your family and friends and could not help them if they need you but assume once that you would never realize the importance of each and every moment you spent with them. If you cannot go to help them, it does not mean that you do not care for them. This distance would definitely strengthen your bond with your family and friends.

Not being with your loved ones when they need you, will definitely break you and you want to go back. But listen; no one chooses to leave his or her family and friends without a reason. If you keep this thing in your mind while living abroad, you will never give up.

Find like-minded friends:

It is not easy to make friends in a new place where you are not aware of trends and hobbies. Psychologists say that a person living abroad either for a job, study or internship, he would not get depressed if he owns a good company. Recently, I came across a post of a Chinese’ girl living in Beijing for studies. She said that she came there with a friend of hers. They stayed together and enjoyed the whole time because they give company to each other and never felt of being an expat. If you are an Expatriates, you are advised to make some good friends who know your language, likes and dislikes, and supportive.

Never pressurize yourself:

The idea of going abroad and living there either to study or for a job is not always supported by parents. We are living in the twenty-first century, but the mindset of parents would remain the same even in the twenty-second century! So what you should do if you really want to fulfill your dream of living abroad. You should not blame yourself for leaving home, your parents and your country. Do your best to prove yourself, do not let discouraging people depress you.

Socialize yourself:

The people who are not expressive, do not want to share their time, things, and always remain in their own world or hole. It is reported by ISRA (International Society for Research on Aggression) that the people who build a strong supportive social circle have sixty percent fewer psychological issues. Because they do not hide their feelings, entertain themselves, and work together.

Split responsibility:

While living abroad, you are the only one who is responsible for each and everything of yours. Your parents, sisters, brothers, and friends are now away, not available to share your burden. But if you take it positively, this distance creates a sense of responsibility in you. I will advise you to not overburden yourself too. Share your inside chores and outside duties with your friends.


You are the greatest psychiatric of yourself because you know your own self at the best. Do not let ex-pat guilt hold your nerves. You deserve every good opportunity to grow so never mind leaving your friends and family for a short period of time. Indeed, sacrifices make difficult things easier.

Quick Solutions to an Expat’s Guilt!

Here are some quick solutions to minimize your guilt. Never forget to wish your parents on their anniversary, your siblings on their birthdays, your friends on their special days, talk to your soulmate, best friend whenever you feel the attack of depression, often arrange to send gifts to them, stay in touch with them through video calls and messages, arrange surprises for them, etc.

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