8 Top Expat Lifestyle Tips for Couples

8 Top Expat Lifestyle Tips for Couples

Shifting to a new country, getting a job at your dream company with your partner alongside you, who would call that a bad option? Setting up a whole new life with your loved one in a totally different place, what would be more exciting than that? Of course, it is exciting. 

Every site and even every move in our life has its pros and cons; dealing with those ups and downs is what makes life more lively and livable. Moving to a new place comes with its own spikes; the way you handle those bumps is what matters. 

Being a trailing expat for your spouse can be difficult sometimes; in this blog, we will discuss the problems you face as an expat couple and how you can rectify them.

1. Conversion of Roles 

Shifting to another country does mean a bundle of changes in you and your spouse’s life. Different problems arise in this regard, the most important one out of which is the language barrier. It can be difficult for the spouse to trail along with you to someplace new, especially when you have a child. New schools, new environment, new people, and worst of all, you cannot communicate with the natives because of the language barrier. 

Some problems can arise related to your qualifications you are holding if you or your spouse has followed you to the new place as a secondary. You are happy with your new placement, you are excited about your work, but on the other hand, your spouse may somewhat be unhappy or disturbed in this whole scenario. 

There are incompatibilities with the qualifications your spouse is holding. It is quite possible that the degree they are holding may be unrecognized in this new country you have moved in. There are other government regulations about work. Your partner may have to stay home for a while and may have to stop working like they usually did back in your home country. 

Your spouse may find it challenging to cope with the life in which you may work regularly and are bound to stay home with nothing to do, mainly when they are used to working just like you are at the moment. They might find it ambiguous to depend on you financially as well. Unemployment might be the biggest problem your spouse may face in such situations.

2. Spend Time with Your Partner

What you can do to nullify the tension is to spend time with your partner. Allow them to express themselves and talk the problem out. Periodic discussion with your partner can help improve things and clear the issues up. You can help them find a suitable job so they can stay busy and not complain about boredom. If your partner is unable to work, you can figure out some activities you and your partner both can enjoy. Do not forget that the whole moving experience might not be as exciting or thrilling for them as they are for you.

3. Parting from your loved ones 

Moulding into a new life may seem more challenging when you realize the fact that you do not have your family to comfort you or your favourite group of friends to cheer you up. This may be harder for your trailing spouse, who left their entire family member and their friends behind to support you with your international career.

Meeting new people and creating a new friend circle might be the way out through this situation. This may appear as a challenge to some adults, but it does play a positive role in your life. It might be easier for you to create a friend circle as an assignee at your workplace, but it might be difficult for your spouse. Carrying out activities that involve both of you is the key here. Going to parties, going to office dinners, and bringing your spouse may help them get in touch with people and socialize. 

4. Keep in Touch!

Technology nowadays has enabled us to be at several places at a time. Try to keep in touch with your family and friends back in your home country. Help yourself and your spouse to set a time to discuss your newest adventure with your loved ones.

5. Plan New Activities

Joining clubs that take part in different activities is also a way to get indulged in society, make a friend circle, and keep yourself or your spouse busy. Plan activities on a daily or weekly basis to keep the boredom out and overcome loneliness.

6. Pick Your Priorities

There is usually a lot of stress about impressing your boss or your manager when you are new on the job. You work hard all day in the office and come home with a tired mind, while your partner, who has been bored all day, is looking to have pleasant conversations with you. Work is essential undoubtedly, laying first good impressions is compulsory on a new assignment, but your family and your partner must be a priority.

7. Resentment between partners

Shifting to a new country as a new employee of your dream company might be exciting for you but not as exciting for your partner. Your partner does make a lot of sacrifices to make your dream come true. Your busy schedule might drive your partner to think that they are being mistreated.

Many foreign countries have regulations against work visas and other non accredited qualifications. These restrictions might make your spouse unable to work or get qualifications even, leading to misunderstandings grown in regression. 

8. Culture Shock

It is not rare that the couples as expats might face a little bit of culture shock; the food you eat, the groceries you buy, the medication you are prescribed seem difficult to continue. You might not enjoy your weekends and your Saturday night dinners, as you did in your home country. The solution is to give it some time, talk about it. Try to find the best possible and suitable stuff to accommodate you and your spouse.

The Takeaway

Changing the way you live, changing the place you live can be daunting in a few cases. The best solution to every problem you face in these situations is to communicate about it and try to work on being a part of the new community!



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