5 Top Tips to Deal with Homesickness

5 Top Tips to Deal with Homesickness

Living on our own can be a liberating feeling for some. You finally have the independence to live your life the way you want to. And there’s no one correcting your every flaw.

But, for some people, living away from your home can also remind you of times when things used to be better, cheaper and easier.

Homesickness is an issue faced by many people, especially expats living in different countries. Feeling sad when you’re far from home is a normal feeling, and it reminds us of the people and places we care about. But, if it stays for longer, it can start interfering with our lives.

If you experience homesickness, you can use the following five techniques to start feeling better.

1.  Set realistic expectations

Understand that you are far from the place where you spent the rest of your previous life. It will take some time for you to adjust and settle. You have made a rapid shift in your lifestyle, so it is ok to feel like this.

You will experience some sadness, some new challenges, but all of this will get better with time. Set some realistic expectation on how you will have to compromise on some things and how it’s normal to feel sad for some time.

2.  Battle your boredom

Inactivity and having nothing to do can fuel or sadness and feelings of loneliness. Boredom can make our homesickness even worse, so find a healthy way to spend your time, so you stay occupied.

Go out, find a place where you can play sports with other people. Invite some old friends to play online video games with you whenever they have the time. Learn a new skill. Do anything that keeps you occupied and away from boredom.

3.  Make New Friends

Having friends at your new place will help you fight the boredom and loneliness. Try to go out and socialize with others. Try to make friends with people living nearby so you can have fun together.

Try to spend less time indoors and explore your surroundings.

Do some sightseeing of the place you are at. You might end up finding an activity that you can enjoy regularly and help get a sense of familiarity with the area.

4.  Get in touch with your friends and family

Call your friends and family regularly and talk with them about your life and how you feel. If possible, go back and visit your home once a while so you can meet your family and stay fresh.

Try not to overdo it because exceeding a certain limit can make you more homesick. Try to get a video call once in a while so you can have a chat with your friends and family.

5.  Exercise and Eat Healthy

Don’t spend all of your day cornered in your room. Try to get out an exercise for at least half an hour. Not only will exercise help you stay healthy and fit, but it will also regulate your mood.

Going for a daily jog can also help you meet new people and make new friends. Exercising will help you stay calmer, healthy and, it will also improve your mental health.


Living your life away from home can feel overwhelming at times. But like everything, it will take some time to adjust to your new surroundings. These approaches mentioned above will help you adjust and fight homesickness by being more productive and less lonely.

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