5 Lifestyle Tips for Expat Women

5 Lifestyle Tips for Expat Women

Stepping out into a new country can be a complex experience, especially if you are a woman. Whether you made this move on your own because of your career or you’re an expat wife who got carried along, you need to know some new techniques to keep us with this big change. Living abroad can be initially hard but you soon get adjusted to it. To make your adjustment easier, below are 5 lifestyle tips for expat women. 

1. Understand the gender roles

Women live very differently in the UK in comparison to women in the middle east. If you taking a big cultural leap, you should not take the difference in customs lightly. Take extra precaution for the country you are moving into and understand how women naturally live there. This could mean a lot of things such as dressing more appropriately, avoiding certain clothing items, or simply getting used to the culture so you live more appropriately and don’t do anything to insult or potentially upset the locals. 

2. Take your safety seriously 

Try not to leave your home alone and always go out with your husband or boyfriend. If you intend to meet new people, arrange to meet them in public places with other people instead of meeting alone. Try not to walk alone at night and if comfortable, wear a fake wedding ring to avoid unnecessary attention. Too much precaution and knowing the customs of the new country thoroughly might seem a bit too much but it’s for your own good. 

3. Learn the language 

Being proficient in the language of your new country can make things a whole lot easier for you. Try taking language classes or self-studying on your own time to get better at it. Getting classes can help you meet similar expat women giving you an opportunity to befriend one or two familiar faces. 

4. Befriend local women 

Build a network and keep making efforts to expand it. Start with your neighbours. Go and greet the family and see if you can get along with other women in your area. Having a local friend can help you with tons of stuff such as getting used to the customs and being a comfortable spot to ask for any help. There are almost always groups on social platforms such as on Facebook where you can meet people of your native country living in your current area. Befriending and staying in touch with them can make you feel more at home. 

5. Learn to take care of your wellbeing 

So many changes can throw some people off. Socializing and keeping up with the demands of the new country can be challenging. But it is important that you don’t let it get to your head. Try to develop a positive lifestyle and add a few hobbies and fun activities to your list from time to time. It is always a good idea to seek therapy if you feel too stressed or your initial expat experience seems out of control. It can help you relax and better adjust to your new home. 

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