10 Ways Overseas Travel Makes Couple Stronger

10 Ways Overseas Travel Makes Couple Stronger

It doesn’t matter if your relationship is full of laughter or giggles, or you have been with each other long enough to communicate through facial expressions, overseas travel can be a game-changer for you too.

I’m not advocating for a luxury beach resort kind of vacation because then you will not get to rekindle the flame. The travelling where you and your spouse will get to do everything on your own is what is going to change your relationship. Here are 10 ways why;

1. You will witness each other’s best and worst sides

When you travel overseas and step out of the comfort of your home country is when your true nature is exposed. Your partner will see how you cope with the stress associated with a foreign land, spending sleepless nights changing flights, and appearing all washed out while hiking the mountains.  If they still hold similar sentiments like before, don’t lose them.

The tiny moments of joy doing things that you had always wished to do will also show you their best side. That is why they say that overseas travel will make couples more in love than ever. If you don’t, reevaluate your relationship.

2. Praise each other open-heartedly

Do you still remember the initial times when you guys were dating? Everything one did, seemed to fascinate the other one? Now that your life has become more serious, do you still praise each other?  Most often, you overlook your partner’s strengths because you can get a better version of that elsewhere.

Your guy is a magician while fixing cars, but the mechanic down the lane does it better than him. Your wife is a pro at remembering names and addresses, but you find Siri better.

Now that it is just the two of you, identify their unusual traits.  Appreciate and applaud them for even the small things that are special about them.

3. Disconnect and connect simultaneously

Nowadays relationships are different from what they used to be a decade ago. With the influx of social media in lives, people are finding it less important to connect in person. This is something that previous generations never had to deal with.

In today’s world, there are many ways to access the internet wherever you go. But it is better to reconsider your decision to connect on social media on your trip.

By staying disconnected on your social media platforms, you will have enough time to connect one on one with your partner. There was news of a couple who managed to escape separation after their vacation because the wife was more interested in clicking selfies than spending time with her husband.

4. Solve problems together

Travelling never goes as per your plans. There is nothing to question this. It can be something major, like canceled flights, a lost wallet, or your partner falling sick during most of your trip. It can also be smaller instances, like rainy days, or wrong food deliveries.

No matter if the issue is big or small; it is your mutual struggle that will outshine through these gray moments. Even if you run out of money, but emerge as a stronger couple, no worries, you two are made to stay together.

5. You can’t run away from them

After a fight at home, you could retreat to your favorite spot and not speak with your spouse till the time you felt like it. That’s not the case while you are traveling.

Small arguments that can easily result in tension at home need to be resolved immediately when you are traveling.  Just take a short walk in the new town and you will come begging your spouse to reconcile. You both function better as a team, and this will put your problems into perspective.

6. Time to bond like best friends

The best thing about best friends is revisiting the ridiculous memories you made with them. Those bunked classes, stolen cigarettes, or similar goofiness that you did with them. It is the inside jokes that enrich your conversations even today. 

It is the same with your partner that you need to create these memories with them. The ones that will roll you on the floor, leaving people amazed what provoked this behavior.  When you both are traveling together, it is an amazing chance to craft those memoirs.

 From bargaining with the street-side vendor in the local language, to ordering alien food from menu cards that are hard to decipher. In routine life, we forget to make such memories, but your travel time will give you lots of time to create those once in a lifetime memories.

7. Fall in love once again

Do you remember the initial days of your relationship? There was adoration, life and love everywhere.  When you visit a new place, you have ample time and opportunities to reignite those lost moments and find the reason why you fell in love primarily. Can you imagine the romanticism involved with sipping a drink with your loved one in a strange city that is waiting for you to explore it?

8. Face your fears together

Few things can evolve a couple stronger and stepping out of comfort zone is one of the best methods.  There are many ways to do it, be it riding a bike on a dangerous road, or talking to a stranger in a bizarre foreign language. Not only will you two emerge stronger individually, but as a couple as well. These experiences you can’t forge while lazing on your couch.

9. Less is always more

During your overseas travel, you will realize how easy life is with just the essentials in your backpack. You will encounter life within limited means.  Life will seem richer even in the absence of luxury items.

It is the value of your experiences that will outweigh material luxuries every time. Romance doesn’t necessarily mean candlelight dinners or expensive jewelry. Similarly traveling doesn’t mean classy resorts and top-tier restaurants. You will see the beauty of simplicity by traveling overseas.

10. Build dreams together

 Any relationship will wither if you don’t plan goals together. Forget being practical and just think about jotting down goals. Having a home in the countryside, visiting the Everest base camp, skiing together in the Swiss Alps, and dancing on the streets of Mexico. These can all remain unattainable, but you can work ways out to attain them. When you plan together, the joy of realizing your goals is nothing but wonder.

Relationships can wither if you don’t pay attention to them. Plan a trip overseas and see what wonders it can play for you to rekindle your love.

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