10 Tips on Overcoming Fear of Moving Abroad

10 Tips on Overcoming Fear of Moving Abroad

What will you do when you have packed your suitcase, and find it hard to say goodbye to your loved ones. Various lingering fears hamper your aspirations, making you question your decision to move abroad.

Moving abroad for good is not an easy thing to do. Rather it is one of the hardest that you will ever do. Expat life is not an easy life, especially when you don’t know anything about the place.

So today we have 10 tips that can help you in overcoming your fear of aboard. These will mentally prepare you for the unknown.

1. Join An Online Social Group

Various social media platforms help people meet with new ones of the same interests. You can search and sign up for the groups in your new city if you haven’t done already. Facebook is by far the most convenient of them all. You can even try Meetup.

2. Schedule Regular Talk Time to Interact With Your Loved Ones

It is natural to miss your loved ones. Especially when you have conflicting schedules in different time zones. You can schedule a time every week or several times a week depending on your ease. Don’t let time zones and work engagements keep you from interacting with your loved ones. Skype, Face time and Zoom have the best connectivity. If you do this regularly, you will soothe your fears whenever you miss your loved ones because you know that you can catch up with them online. You can tell them how much you miss them, how life has been lately, and what you plan to do during your stay abroad.

3. Follow Your Aspirations

You don’t need to justify your affection for your loved ones. At times you get complacent and restrain from doing what you want to. There is this important business meeting, but you want to be with your friends at the super bowl.

However, when you are alone, you can give yourself the kick that you always needed. You have a whole lot of free time at your disposal, in which you can pursue your dreams, hobbies, and all that you have wanted to. Being alone brings a new version of you into existence.

4. Take New Challenges

Many people are afraid to move out of their comfort zones and see challenges as negative instances. Challenges can be very fulfilling and aspiring to overcome, and living abroad is no less than a challenge. This will push you to your maximum potential, but by the time you have overcome it, you will have rounded off almost all your rough edges. 

5. Write To Yourself Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed

During your stay abroad, there are going to be times, when you will just want to put your feet down and quit. Commonly, your emotions will affect your rationale. Don’t let this happen to you. Rather, write to yourself when you are too overwhelmed and read these notes whenever you feel disoriented. Your best self has written these notes for you. This is by far the most humane way to vent your feelings.

6. Seek Solace In Something That You Can Always Have Near You

The simple pleasures of life, like a cup of coffee, your favorite book, pictures of your loved ones, are often overlooked. But when you are abroad, it is these possessions that you miss greatly. When people say they are homesick, it is the little things that they miss most, things that their home provides-comfort and solace.

Therefore, it’s always good to have a few of your personal belongings with you when you move abroad. You can hold them, feel them and see them when you miss them dearly. They will transport you virtually to the place you miss most.

7. Don’t Forget To Celebrate Your Success

No matter how small your achievements are, always celebrate them. You don’t necessarily need to have someone to be with you, your achievement is all yours. Write about it in your journal, and read it when days are tough. Slowly build up the momentum, and soon you will be up on your way to make this place your new home.

8. Don’t Get Intimidated By The Language Barrier

Moving abroad and not knowing the language is a huge fear, but don’t let it get the best of you. Once you arrive at your destination, you will find out that the international language is not as international as you thought. This means that simple tasks back home, like doing groceries, visiting the clinic, or other errands are more of a mission impossible now. It is therefore good to try and learn as much as you can about the native language of the country you are going to. If you have tried your hands at the basics it will surely be better than knowing nothing at all.

Immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Watch YouTube with the language subtitles on, as this will help you a lot. 

9. Don’t Let Financial Fear Grip You

Being stuck in a new country with no finances is a very gripping fear. Rather this is the top fear that people have when they move abroad. Instead of letting this dread hold you back, let it propel you to achieve new heights. Before you move out, save as much as possible. Do your math’s on how much you will be needing in your new place, make sure you have an emergency deposit that will enable you to purchase a return ticket home if need might be. Although this may seem extreme it’s always better to have something to turn to.

10. What If You Fail?

Moving to a new country means giving up on the opportunities you have in your homeland. But what if you have to move back and lose all the chances because things didn’t go as you planned. Does this mean that you are a failure and your decision was wrong?

You will always have to wriggle out of your comfort to attain new heights. Unless you try you won’t know what your best trait is. No experience is ever wasted. Allow it to teach you what you didn’t know earlier, and see yourself in a new perspective.

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